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About bobbie & co

After two decades of working in the industry, in 2016, Australian fashion lover, dressmaker and stylist, Sharon Damiani, made the decision to escape to Bali. Embracing the salty air and positive vibes, she set off on a journey of creation. Introducing local Mornington Peninsula based fashion retailer, Bobbie & Co .

Sharon Damiani has spent her career helping women feel and look amazing. She studied pattern making and fashion design which gave her great technical understanding of how to dress all women’s body types to accentuate their assets and minimise their flaws and believes that women of every age and body shape have the ability to look amazing.

She has worked for CHANEL and has a great understanding of beauty and skincare techniques, which help to complement her fashion style.

Working in retail boutiques all her life, Sharon has clarified her fashion philosophy – ‘Clothes should be elegant, versatile and fun and a wardrobe should be made up of the foundation pieces that mix and match and are timeless.’ She understands the value of attention to detail and quality and listens to the needs of each individual woman.

Through local Mornington Peninsula startup Bobbie & Co, Sharon is passionate about using fashion and style to help women become comfortable and confident within themselves. Bobbie & Co. delivers easy-to-wear pieces that embody premium fabrics, elegance in its design and earthy hues. Inspired by the effortless chic spirit of fashion icons like Rachel Zoe and Blake Lively, the Bobbie & Co is the perfect balance for day to night style.

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